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Taylor Earl

Master of Accounting - The University of Michigan

Bachelor of Business Administration - Western Michigan University

Michigan Cosmetology License

My name is Taylor Earl and Beauty Books was created from a combination of my passions.


I graduated from Empire Beauty School and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2014. During my career as a hairstylist, I worked in many different salon environments, from booth rent, to commission, to a barbershop. I kept running into the same problem; I loved being a hairstylist but I didn't feel like I was being taken seriously as a professional.


My last attempt at success in the beauty industry was at a corporate salon that promoted their clear direction to success and prosperity and none of it ended up being true. When I would meet with my superiors and goals were discussed, the guidance and goals that were given to me were to advance the goals of the corporation. The goals of the corporation were not necessarily aligned with the goals I had for myself and my career. When I brought up these concerns, I was met with the response to trust them and, essentially, I was the talent and they were the brains. 

This frustration ultimately led me to pay them $1,000 to break my contract and enroll in Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business. I wanted to learn for myself how businesses operate and how to use this knowledge to truly make a business thrive. I graduated with high honors and my Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting and a minor in general business and then continued my education at the University of Michigan earning my Master of Accounting.

I have experience in corporate accounting, public accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. My education and professional accounting experience made me passionate about helping all small businesses achieve success and my personal history is why I want to help independent beauty professionals succeed in business.

If you have a small business that you're passionate about, in the beauty industry or not, I can help and would love to work with you. Let's chat about your business goals and figure out how to make your business flourish.

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